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Camarillo is an excellent place to buy a home investment. 

I help you sort through what is currently available, locate your perfect home & investment, compare and negotiate the best terms of your behalf...
                             All at absolutely no cost to you.

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 Rick Hunnicutt


Camarillo Home Shoppers - Buyers Services:


Buying Your Camarillo Home:


Rick Hunnicutt
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First Step:  You've got to see what's out there.  I will set you up on an automated service which will send you a list of qualified homes that meet your criteria.  You will be immediately notified and presented with any new properties that match your criteria.

Second Step:  We narrow down your focus, and tour a selected few to help with the process.

Then: I pinpoint 7-10 properties that I feel you should see, and, along with any others that look appealing to you, we go preview them.

Eventually: After deciding to make an offer, we may tour comparable properties to develop value.



What are you looking for?
Listings that meet your criteria

To receive an email list of properties that meet your criteria.


The Offer: Once you have located your home of choice, I will prepare an itemized estimate of Buyer's closing costs, down-payment and monthly payment.  You will need to have a pre-approval letter from your lender to submit with your offer.  We will review the comparable sold properties to determine approximate fair value and I will be in contact with listing agent for any additional information, and accurately assess the your negotiating position.


I will then prepare the Residential Purchase Agreement, on your behalf, with careful  consideration.  I am very experienced in writing solid, appealing and respectable contracts.  Purchase agreements CAN be performed and signed digitally through a service that I use called DocuSign.


I will then communicate your offer to Seller's agent and negotiate on your behalf and facilitate the negotiations of any Seller’s counter offer to you, and vice versa.


Negotiations: I will gather as much information as possible to establish your best negotiating position.  Often times these days, your offer many be 1 of 6-7 (or even more).  There are ways (not including more $$) to make your offer stand out and be more appealing and advantageous than the other competing offers.  There are quite a few different options and terms (depending on the situation) that my be very beneficial to you.


Accepted Offer: Once your offer has been negotiated and accepted, the due-diligence period starts (for home inspections, property discovery, etc).  You will also contact your lender and immediately start the official loan process (with my assistance).  I will initiate and coordinate a thorough home inspection (from a licensed, qualified home inspector).  I will open escrow, as per contract, and forward all necessary information.  The inspection report will have detailed analysis of the home's systems and problems (significant or not).  Together, we will go over the report and decide which items we will ask to be repaired/ corrected.  This is often another round of negotiating (though usually minor). 

You will also need to deposit your Earnest Money Deposit "EMD" into escrow within 3 days.  I will make sure that your EMD is not at risk, until you have signed-off on ALL of your existing contingencies (usually 17+ days) and will be very clear about that.





Calendar Days:






Request for Repairs:


Final Walk Through:





I will represent you in finding and buying your home in Camarillo (and the surrounding areas) with honest, efficient, and professional service.  Your interests come first in my accommodating, caring and efficient approach to locating and acquiring your home.  My Professional expertise will be by your side throughout the negotiations and entire sales & escrow process.  You can expect enthusiastic, personal and professional support from me along with the legal strength of the RE/MAX Gold Coast Real Estate team.


  Initial contact or meeting

Discuss present and future housing needs and desires
Discuss financing abilities and alternatives
  The Home Search
Setup and store Client's housing criteria for potential matches with existing and future listings
Review and preview listings daily for suitability to Client’s needs:
Eliminate unsuitable and/ or marginal  properties
Arrange home tour for Client for selected properties
  Preparing the Purchase Agreement
Prepare an itemized estimate of Buyer’s closing costs, down payment and monthly payment for proposed home purchase
As needed, review a Comparable Market Analysis to determine approximate fair market value
As needed, confer with listing broker to accurately assess Buyer’s negotiating position
Prepare the Purchase Agreement on behalf of Buyer, with special consideration
Arrange for contract presentation to Seller, listing Broker, or both as appropriate. Meet with the said parties, negotiate on Buyer’s behalf and facilitate the negotiations of any Seller’s counter offer to buyer, and vice versa.
  Processing the Escrow

Open Escrow, Coordinate loan processing with loan officer
Arrange access for inspectors
Review all documents, forwarding them to the Client (with explanations when needed)
Negotiate, order and facilitate repair work
Review and forward all completion notices to Client
Mandate Seller’s deadlines to perform
Review Client’s escrow instructions with escrow officer
Schedule and conduct Buyer’s “walk-thru” inspection
Arrange Client/ Escrow Officer sign-off meeting
Coordinate close of escrow and possession
Arrange for transfer of the keys to the property
... and in short, handle any and all problems that arise along the way!